Video & Audio Intercom Systems

Sure Lock & Key offers video & audio intercom systems to customers throughout St. Louis in need of complete control of those that are allowed to enter and exit their  commercial property. Benefits of video and audio intercom systems include: 

  • Managed system of access throughout your business
  • Restrict access to sensitive areas
  • Communicate through video and audio intercoms
  • Provide audit trails of entry
  • Create consistent schedules of employees
  • Provide safe working environments
  • Prevent unauthorized entry or exit 

Video and audio intercom systems offer peace of mind in knowing that private business properties are not tampered with or harmed due to unauthorized entry. Each individual will be seen or heard prior to access, ensuring your awareness of safety. Sure Lock & Key can help you identify the type of audio or video intercom system best suited for your commercial property at a reasonable price! Contact our locksmiths today for any questions you may have, or to request service. 

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