Access Control

With an ever increasing demand for Access Door Control Systems, we at Sure Lock and Key have the knowledge and expertise to install, maintain, and repair many different types of access control systems. From complex multi-door systems to simple keypad door systems, we can customize a user-friendly and cost-effective system that meets your individual security needs.

  • Managed system of access throughout your business
  • Restrict access to sensitive areas
  • Communicate through video intercoms
  • Provide audit trails of entry
  • Create schedules
  • Provide safe working environments
  • Prevent unauthorized entry or exit
  • Remotely administer and manage access from Smart Phones, Tablet or PC

Some of the Systems we provide are:

  • Electronic keypads and card readers
  • Electronic Deadbolts
  • Magnetic locking devices or maglocks
  • Bluetooth and WiFi locking devices
  • Electric Strikes
  • Remote buzz-in systems
  • Web and Cloud based access control panels

Alarm Locks

Key Fob

Sure Lock and Key is proud to offer Alarm Lock access locks. Alarm Lock is a global provider of access control systems and commercial grade door hardware. All Alarm Lock products have dependable wireless access and egress control, easily replacing all standard knob sets.


Video Intercom

Key Fob

Sure Lock and Key offers hands-free video intercom systems for use in commercial, educational, government, healthcare, and residential buildings. Easy to install and equipped with a number of sophisticated security features, video intercoms manage communication between visitors and residences of a building.


We can help you identify your unique type of access control needs, tailored to provide a design solution that works for your office building, school, daycare, medical facility, factory or small business at a reasonable price.

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