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At Sure Lock and Key, your home security is our top priority and we understand the importance of having a strong lock system in place . We offer deadbolt locks from leading manufacturers, in a variety of styles, security grades and finishes, fitting nearly any entrance way, to meet your needs. As another layer of security, our collection of high-quality deadbolt locks offers increased security and protection for your home, leaving your family feeling safe with peace of mind.

Double Cylinder

Double Cylinder Deadbolt

Double cylinder deadbolt locks require a key to lock and unlock from both the exterior and interior keyholes. This type of deadbolt provides heightened security. Since there is no thumb-turn style lock on the interior side of the deadbolt, intruders cannot unlock the door by breaking a window and reaching inside. While a double cylinder does provide enhanced security, it also poses a safety hazard as residents could be locked inside in an event of a fire.



Bluetooth Deadbolt

If you’re searching for an uncomplicated lock system for your home, check out our Bluetooth deadbolt locks. No more searching for your keys to enter your home, just use your Smartphone. Bluetooth deadbolt locks allow you to enter and exit your home while your mobile device is in your bag, purse or pocket. Some brands require you to either touch the lock with your smartphone or to simply be in the vicinity with your smartphone to unlock.



Keypad Deadbolt

Keypad deadbolt locks are user-friendly and provide keyless entry to your home or business. You can enter and exit with your own user code and just a few pushes of a button. Keypad deadbolt locks are also customizable. You can control who has access by assigning a temporary or permanent code that you can delete at any time. This feature is offered to best fit your security needs. A keypad lock is easy to install and program.



Touchscreen Deadbolt

Touchscreen deadbolt locks allow you to enter your home using a code without shuffling for your keys to unlock the door. Touchscreen deadbolt locks have durable and responsive screens that are resistant to smudges and scratches.


Single Cylinder

Single Cylinder Deadbolt

Single cylinder deadbolt locks operate are the most common lock used. They work with a key on the exterior keyhole on the outside, while a thumb-turn style lock is used to lock and unlock on the interior side. These deadbolts are quick to install and are the most popular lock option for St. Louis homeowners. Our team of expert technicians is also able to rekey a single cylinder deadbolt lock, saving you time and money while increasing your home's security.

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