Service Call Preparation

Knowing what to expect from a visit from one of our locksmith technicians can help ensure that your service call request will be handled effectively and in a timely manner!

By preparing for a visit from one of our locksmith technicians we can guarantee that your service request will be handled quickly and efficiently which can reduce the cost and time involved with your service call. Here are some quick tips to help save you time and money while ensuring your home is secure.


Check All Locks

At Sure Lock & Key, we recommend going through your home and checking all of the locks to see if they are functional or if they are in need of repair.


Identify Lock Brands

If possible, try to identify the brand of lock that is on your locks and door knobs. This information helps our technicians to make sure they come to your home prepared with the necessary parts and replacement locks in their van and will make their visit more efficient.


Gather Keys

By gathering all working keys to your home you will save time when rekeying or disassembling your locks for repair.


Determine What Security Solution You Need

Think about what your ideal home security system would be. Ask yourself the following questions when determining your needs.

  • Do you need a peephole?
  • Do you want keyless entry on the exterior doors or garage doors?
  • Do you want your door master keyed to allow entry into the home by service people?
  • Do you want updated models and styles of locks installed or do you want to try and use the existing locks?
  • Do you need extra security on sliding patio doors or other exterior doors?
  • Do my locks allow me to get out of the house in case of a fire?
  • Do I have a home safe that needs to be opened or the combination changed?
  • Show the locksmith all of the doors and locking device issues that need corrected, this makes pricing easier to understand and helps avoid unforeseen costs at the end of your visit.
  • The Locksmith will give you his recommendations based on your ideal security system and give you an estimate of the cost for the service you are needing before work on your home or business begins.
  • Locksmiths carry a variety of products in their vans but occasionally locks will need to be ordered. The locksmith should discuss a time frame with you and schedule a convenient follow-up appointment to ensure the work is completed.
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