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Sure Lock & Key, a professional locksmith serving the Crestwood, Missouri area, possesses the expertise required to recommend and install a variety of locking systems for your home or business. They have completed rigorous training and obtained necessary certifications to guarantee complete proficiency in the latest cutting-edge technologies for the security industry.

Benefits of Choosing Sure Lock & Key


Professional locksmiths in Crestwood, Missouri are diligent to follow all essential regulations, building codes, and fire codes, ensuring their services fully align with industry standards. This not only safeguards homeowners but also guarantees the ethical and professional operation of our locksmiths.

Bonded & Insured

Insurance coverage is an essential component for all reputable locksmith companies. Opting for a locksmith who is both bonded and insured provides you with protection against unexpected accidents or damages that may occur during the course of the job.

Industry Leaders

The locksmith industry continually evolves, introducing new lock and security technologies that offer enhanced safety and convenience for Crestwood homeowners. Seasoned locksmith professionals remain current with these latest advancements, ensuring they can offer you cutting-edge solutions to enhance your security.

Variety of Services

Sure Lock & Key provides a vast array of services catering to homeowners in Crestwood, Missouri, whether you require home lock rekeying for heightened security, the replacement of a misplaced car key fob, or the acquisition of a safe to safeguard your valuables.

A Locksmith Company you Can Trust

When it comes to selecting a bonded and insured professional locksmith company, its critical to choose a company that you can rely on. Whether you require home rekeying, car key fob replacement, or a safe investment, here are the compelling advantages of placing your security needs in the hands of the skilled professionals at Sure Lock & Key in Crestwood, Missouri.

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