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Panic Bars

Panic bars or push bars, are bar latches placed on the inside of doors in exchange for a standard door handle/knob. These bars allow you to exit a building by pushing the bar outwards, cutting down the time needed to engage the door.

This type of door lock helps with the flow of traffic when you have backups or crowds at emergency exits, providing a lower likelihood of injury. When time is of the essence, panic bars provide the best ability for quick and easy exit.

A panic bar system is ideal for a variety of public buildings, especially where safety and speed are key factors when exiting, including:

Panic bars can also be used in classrooms or movie theaters as an exit only option, reducing the ability for people to reenter the premises once they have left.

These panic bar systems are perfect for commercial use and play a critical role in emergency situations for public locations. Sure Lock & Key is trained in the installation and servicing of these devices, and will assist with your properties needs. Contact their professional locksmith team today at 314-822-7300 or fill out our contact form for more information.

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