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Car Key Replacement in St. Louis

Your car keys are one of the most important types of keys you own, which means they should always be functioning properly and you should have a plan when they get lost or need to be replaced. That's where the locksmiths at Sure Lock & Key come in. Whether your car is domestic or foreign, we have the expertise, equipment and the knowledge to cut and program most key types or keyless entry devices at a fraction of the cost of dealership prices. Traditional car keys, smart keys, transponder keys and chip keys can all be replaced quickly and cost effectively. 

We offer reprogramming, cutting or car key replacement on a wide variety of car key types. If you lose your car key or you just want replace an old key, let Sure Lock & Key assist you. Learn more about your service options below.


Key Fob

Car Key Fob Replacement St. Louis The electronic version of a standard key, a key fob has multiple buttons programmed to unlock and lock car doors. Learn more about our car key fob services here

Laser-Cut Keys

Laser Car Key Replacement St. Louis Also known as a "sidewinder key" are cut using a special key-cutting machine and include a built-in transponder chip that is programmed for your specific car.

Transponder Key

Transponder Key Intended to assist with fraud prevention and the security of your ignition, transponder keys contain a small chip referred to as VATS or PATS that are cut into the key.


Antique & Classic Car Key

Classic Car Key Vehicles made prior to the use of transponder keys and key fobs are not always easily replaced or re-cut by other St. Louis locksmiths. However, Sure Lock and Key has the equipment and stock to re-key and replace keys for antique and classic cars.

Remote Key

Remote Car Key Keys with remotes offer security access to your vehicle through a variety of programmed buttons. These keys are cut on a mechanical key cutting machine and must be programmed with your car.

Smart Key

Smart Car Key Replacement St. Louis This type of key is designed for ease of access, only requiring the key to be present in a pocket or purse in order to enter and start the vehicle. These all-in-one smart keys must be cut using a mill and programmed accordingly.


Mechanical-Cut Car Key

Mechanical Car Key Replacement St. Louis As the most traditional form of car keys, these keys are cut to fit into your vehicles engine in one direction.

Call us today at 314.822.7300 or stop by our store and we can assist you with your car key replacement in St. Louis. You can also fill out our contact form to schedule a service. 

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