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Mortise Locks

Mortise locks are older style locks that are used in both commercial properties and residential homes. They are different than a standard lock as they are placed inside the door rather than on the outside of the door frame.  At Sure Lock & Key, we offer services on a variety of types of Mortise Locks for properties across St. Louis.

Older homes were built with mortise locks and based on their longstanding quality, the locks can take decades before they deteriorate or break. Making a repair necessary, but not always requiring a full replacement. These strong and reliable locks are perfect for high traffic areas in your home or business.

Components of a Mortise Lock

Doors that use the Mortise Lock must be cut with a mortise saw so that the components can be put into the door properly. The lock is made up of 5 major parts, including:

  1. Lock Body - The body is the main component and holds the rest of the components together.
  2. Handle or the Knob- This is the part of the lock that engages and disengages the latch of the lock.
  3. Through Spindle - The through spindle is a rod that connects the handle with the body so when the handle or knob is turned it will engage the latch.
  4. Lock Cylinder - The fourth component of the lock is the lock cylinder where the key is inserted to lock and unlock the latch.
  5. Strike Plate - The last component is the strike plate that is connected to the frame of the door and is where the mortise lock can latch and secure itself to the door.

All pieces of the mortise lock are easily accessible and can be replaced if parts become over used or broken. These locks can also become very rusted with time and can be cleaned by electrolysis or a vinegar process. These processes clean the lock components and restore them for continued future use.

At Sure Lock & Key in St. Louis, we have the tools and products needed to cut the necessary holes and repair most components of a mortise lock. Visit our store in Kirkwood, or call us at 314-822-7300 to discuss your repair or replacement needs today!

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